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European versus American roulette
Avoid tables/wheels with double zero ...

European and French roulette wheels have a single zero pocket.  American roulette wheels have single zero and double zero pockets.  That one extra pocket makes a big difference to your expected returns...consider this:

A straight up bet on a European roulette wheel pays 35:1, and your odds of hitting are 1 in 37 (ie one out of 37 possible outcomes).  This translates mathematically to a house edge of around 2.7%.  Not bad.

A straight-up bet on an American roulette table also pays 35:1, but because of that extra pocket (00), your odds of hitting are now 1 chance in 38 for a house edge of around 5.3%...double the take for a European roulette wheel!

The presence of the extra pocket and same payout amount across all other bets mean that you are similarly disadvantaged whether you're betting straight-up, red/black, on thirds or whatever you chosen roulette betting method may be. The clear message here...where you see a table/wheel with both 0 and 00, give it a wide berth!


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